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We all are living our lives. But most of us are not living happy life. And you may already heard that most people feel sad without any reason. We all have the 24 hours as everyone else has. But we all have different economic conditions and have social conditions. Those change our living. But here is another factor which affect the most and that is mind's behaviour.

If we want to live better then we have change our old habit or mind's behaviour.

So this article, I am gonna giving you some tips that you can add them in your life and keep them in your mind when you are living your day.

1) Find you precious key

Each and Every person has a precious key which unlocks a lot of happiness in your life.And it changes your life complete life. It may be your best friend or crush or your girlfriend/boyfriend And it may any book which changed you a lot. Then start giving it value as you can because it makes you smiles which is priceless. Share your good or bad feeling to him/ her whenever you need of it. You will find it when you are ready to seek. It is waiting for you.

Because of him/ her, you laugh a little harder, and cry a little less and smile a lot more.

2) Live you every moment

Each person has problems in their lives. Each person thinks that his live is the worst. So they don't enjoy their lives. If we want to live better then you have to stop compare yourself with others. Life is now.Life is not later on. And we have to start thinking we have limited that is unknown to each one. Because we all know that we have no control on our lives. Do what you want in your live with living every moment, We should go to bed each thinking, " I have done my best" . The key to personal transformation is when you start doing everything but today

You were born when you woke up and you will die when you go to sleep. It was designed this way so that you could live your whole life in a day.

काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब । पल में प्रलय होएगी,बहुरि करेगा कब ॥ by Kabir Singh

3)Make somebody's day

Do you believe Luck can be changed. Some of you will say Yes and rest of you will say No. But I will say Yes . It can be changed and I can change the luck of others. It seems foolish.

If you know about someone who is suffering from financial problem, and you arrange for 10 thousands rupees to arrive at his home and they don't even know who you are, then you have made him lucky. Now tell me did I create luck for him or not?

When you made him lucky, you will feel a strange feeling, nice one, that is also pure luck.

It may be others things to give.

When you make luck to others, you will feel motivated and universe seems to be good to you.

4) Upgrade you old habits

Habits are only one which decide you everything; your present, your future, your behaviour.

So, if you want to live better then you need to work on your habits. You have to keep in you mind, habit can not be destroyed, it can be changed only.

Our bad habits also exist for good reason. Let take an example of smokers. People who smoke are trying, even through their addiction, to do something beneficial - perhaps to breathe deeply and relax. Such breathing is needed for balancing stress.

Replacement is powerful because it works and where bad habits are concerned it's the only thing that works.

If smoker wants to stop himself from smoking, then he needs to find alternate. He may go for running to fight against stress. Replace one habit, and soon you will be motivated to replace another.

Habits can not be destroyed completely, It can be replaced only.

5) Light you works

Most of our hardest job never seem to get done. So you have to change method of doing work.

You can break you whole work into small parts. Then start focusing on that part and you will not any burden. You can complete that work with full interest.

When you flow into a project slowly is that speed will often overtake you without forcing you.

The thought of starting slowly is an easy thought.


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